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We turn creativity into real business value

Design and development of Turn-Key Software Applications and Solutions


Mobile Applications extend an organization’s reach to its end customers. We use our passion in order to create tailor made mobile applications that enable enriched capabilities and leverage customer engagement. We design the mobile applications from the eyes of our customers in order to guarantee effectiveness and success. Our implementation approach focuses on two main aspects, visual design and technical execution. This combination comprises our competitive advantage and ensures the fulfilment of our customers’ requirements in terms of simplicity and efficiency for providing impressive end user experience.

AppArt has developed a services portfolio that covers the complete lifecycle of mobile application creation. The design of the offered framework targets at maximizing delivery effectiveness while meeting the business objectives for which the mobile application is intended for. We implement mobile applications that incorporate engaging customer journeys to attract new customers, exceed the expectations of the existing ones and build superior loyalty.


Requirements and Feasibility Analysis: We perform analysis of customer requirements and business objectives in order to define the best approach for moving from conceptual idea to actual product. Both online and offline operation mode is taken into account.

UI and UX Design: User Interface design for providing the look and feel of the mobile app based on agreed use cases and flows. User Experience design services provide further optimization for maximizing usability hygiene.

Software Development: Depending on the business purpose of the mobile application, the most suitable implementation approach is proposed. Either Native or Hybrid, AppArt conducts the development of the mobile app to materialize the agreed specifications. Security and other special considerations are defined during the implementation design process.

Testing: We perform thorough mobile app testing through selected test cases that cover the whole range of functionality.

Support and Maintenance: Technical Software Support Services through committed SLAs and Preventive Maintenance Services for ensuring mobile app future proofing.


AppArt provides Professional Services for implementing intelligent Web applications. More than simple internet sites, we implement engaging web applications that boost customer acquisition and satisfaction. We focus in creating websites applying efficient content management solutions, enabling B2B and B2C automated transactions and utilizing advanced intelligence for the execution of personalized and targeted campaigns. We create powerful Web Applications which exploit responsive or adaptive design approach in order to deliver a unified user experience across different devices.


AppArt has long experience in various aspects of implementing software solutions. This unique specialization enables us to utilize our technical competencies and expertise for the provision of cost efficient professional services which target at covering specific customer needs related to software configuration and development. Our services address a range of technologies such as application servers, databases, front-end, back-end etc and can be provided either on-site or off-site.

On demand services may be provided for implementing custom designed solutions when there are no available commercial software products to perform the desired functionality, when existing products require large investment in terms of time and costs or when open frameworks which can be easily expanded, integrated and maintained is a prerequisite.

Additionally, on demand services may be provided on-site trough the allocation of desired, in terms of skills, knowledge and level of experience, resources for the agreed timeframe to perform specified tasks as members of organizations internal project team.

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