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Contextual Marketing


AppArt has developed its own Contextual Marketing platform, named Cortex. The name derives from the cerebral cortex that plays a key role in memory, attention, perception, awareness, thought, language, and consciousness.

AppArt Cortex CCM (Contextual Campaigns Management) is providing innovative solutions for increasing customer engagement and ameliorating customer experience. Our platform contributes to the effort of our customers to create a long-lasting relationship with their customers increasing revenues and loyalty.

The platform is able to support every possible communication needs from a simple informative SMS to a complex digital communication path that will boost the relationship with the customer.

Along with our customer we analyse, design and execute innovative marketing concepts that engage customers and offer them a valuable experience.

AppArt CCM has the functionality to constantly enhance communication, ameliorate segmentation focusing on the customer. We help our customers to create long lasting journeys for their customers, and maintain long-term relationships with them. And in a relationship recognizing needs and caring for experiences result to positive and durable results; Cortex results.

The Digital Era

Cortex is moving towards the full digitalization of the relationships; the relationship of the Operator with its customers. Operator customers are trained in communication channels considered currently as traditional. Cortex is evolving providing customers with the tools to familiarize with the digital era. Digital era is all about vivid customer journeys with meaningful communication that adds a sparkle of innovation and enhanced experience in the everyday relationship of the customer with the Operator. Digital era creates a new meaning in the concept for the Operator in the mind of the customer; now it is a communication facilitator who is interested in being present and supportive every time communication needs arise.

Cortex CCM is a relationship builder and a journey companion and as such

  • It analyses past behavior to offer what is expected with a sparkle of innovation
  • It predicts attitudes so as to proactively act in favor of the customer
  • It is available via any channel so as to accommodate every customer communication style

Cortex CCM is about journeys and experiences that expand loyalty and increase engagement; we help our customers create relationships that last and are not fireworks that extinct.


We provide solutions for enabling Customer Loyalty Management focusing on maximizing customer satisfaction and retention. Our platform gives the power in the hands of the Enterprise to expeditiously build and efficiently manage Loyalty programs of different flavors. Streamlined daily operations, personalized views based on customer preference, options for customer feedback and rating and provision through digital communication channels (online, mobile app etc.) are only few indicative features that drive the excellence of our platform. Combined with our Contextual Campaigns Management platform, it provides a holistic solution for targeting customers improving customer satisfaction KPIs and reducing churn rating KPIs.


To complement our Contextual Marketing portfolio, we offer on demand, specialized Marketing Services. We are able to actively contribute in carrying out detailed analysis of campaigns performance, in concluding evaluation based on data mining and available metrics, in assessing campaign adjustments and modifications that could be applied for reaching further improved results and proposing new campaigns that will increase customer responsiveness and engagement. Our professional services assist an organization in taking informed decisions about their campaigns strategy in order to boost the overall performance, achieve true incremental responses and raise customer satisfaction.

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